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11 May 2011 9:18 AM | Deleted user

Do you think your PC has a virus?

Do you think your PC has a virus?

Use the Microsoft Safety Scanner to scan your PC,
find the virus, and remove it. This no-charge, downloadable security tool provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and
other malicious software.

It's not a substitute for antivirus software that
provides ongoing protection, however. For that,
you need Microsoft Security Essentials,
also available at no charge.

Get a free PC safety scan now

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Security updates for May 10, 2011

The Microsoft Security Bulletin for May includes two security updates, including one
for the Windows operating system and one for Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Microsoft security news


Watch out for bin Laden malware on the web and in email

If you're searching for news or pictures of Osama bin Laden, you might find malware instead. This week the FBI warned computer users to be especially careful of email messages that claim to show photos or videos of bin Laden's death.


Beware of "MS Removal Tool" rogue software

Cybercriminals are circulating new fake security software called "MS Removal Tool." If you see a pop-up ad or an email for the MS Removal Tool, ignore it.


Xbox LIVE phishing alert

Do you play the Xbox video game Modern Warfare 2? The Xbox LIVE online game service recently issued a warning about phishing messages targeting players of the game. 


FBI and DOJ take on the Coreflood botnet

On April 13, the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice announced an operation to disable the Coreflood botnet. Microsoft supports the effort, and we've added Coreflood malware detection to our Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.


Microsoft partners with security community to help reduce risk

Microsoft is partnering with other technology companies on a new process to follow once a vulnerability has been identified in a piece of hardware or software. Learn more about Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.


Protect your computer


Help mom protect her PC

Are you your mother's technical support person? In honor of the recent Mother's Day holiday, here are five gifts that you can give your mom to help her protect her PC.


Why you need a strong password

Learn from an Internet security expert why it's so important to create different passwords for all of your accounts, and to change them often.


What is malware?

We often refer to Internet threats with the term "malicious software" or "malware." But what do we mean by that and how can you help protect your computer from it? Find out here. 


Protect yourself and your family


Beware of Facebook email scams

This fake email message purporting to be from Facebook contains three obvious signs of a scam. Take a look and see if you can spot them all.


Use Hotmail aliases to protect your privacy

Are you nervous about giving out your email address? A new feature in Windows Live Hotmail enables you to create an email alias and receive messages sent to it in your Hotmail account, without anyone knowing what your real email address is. 


The Microsoft community has Answers

Do you have a technical problem? Try Microsoft Answers, a support forum where Microsoft support engineers and super-geek volunteers answer your questions.

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