Phishing Scams: Everything or Most of Everything you need to know

12 Jan 2011 3:15 PM | Deleted user

Pulled from the Microsoft Security Email

Phishing scams: Everything you need to know


You hear about phishing scams all the time, both in the
general media and in this newsletter. But what is phishing,
really? These links will give you the essential information that you need to know:

Security updates for January 11, 2011

The bulletin for January includes two security updates for the Windows
operating system.

Microsoft security news


Microsoft to sponsor panel discussion on locational privacy

With new GPS technologies like Facebook Places and Foursquare,
others can track our movements
at any time. What does this mean for privacy? Join a panel discussion
sponsored by Microsoft on January 26.


Avoid technical support scams through your phone

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and offering
technical support, hang up. Read more about this ongoing scam.


Microsoft supports Commerce Department's call for more online privacy protection

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently released a
"Green Paper" outlining
ways to protect consumers' privacy online. Microsoft applauds the report
as an important step forward in addressing online privacy issues.

Protect your computer


Help secure your new PC against malware

Was one of your holiday gifts a new PC? Read these tips to boost your
security before you go online.


3 ways to help secure your wireless network

You've taken steps to help defend your new PC. Now take a look at your
home wireless network. These three tips will get you started.

Protect yourself and your family


Set up your new Windows Phone for web browsing

Help protect yourself when you go online by changing privacy and other
browser settings on your new mobile phone.


Control how - and how much - your kids use Xbox 360

Is your family playing games and streaming movies and TV on a new Xbox 360
entertainment system? Use safety settings to control what your kids
can see  and do on the new family toy.

Security resources

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