User to User December 11th 2012

12 Dec 2012 11:54 AM | Deleted user

Below are the User to User Questions, if you have some input to give please be sure to put the Question Number in your response.

#1 If you have loaded Windos 7 64 bit can you reload windows 7 as 32 bit without loosing all installed software  ( short answer was no )

#2 I use AOL & every other time I log on at my work PC it says my mail is unavialable, I have to sign out and sign back on, My PC is wired and I use Microsoft security antivirus, What could be cuasing this ? It is also slow.

#3 I have a home network with Windows XP home as my desktop computer I use a RJ45 cable to connect to the router. I can connect to the internet with my Winodws 7 laptop , but I cannot do file sharing. or printing. I s there a setting that I'm Missing

#4 If I do a factory re-install fro Windows XP will I be albe to download SP1, SP2, SP3 from Microsoft ( yes, look for the network versions which will be 300 to 500 Megs down load those before you do the re-install and it will go much easier )

#5 I'm looking to upgrade my computer from XP to Winodws 8 a salesman told me that parallel port printing is not supported. ( I did find a non-Microsoft site that mention it does exist and is a service that runs )


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